UCAT Masterclass is designed to get you UCAT exam ready in the shortest amount of time possible. Here's how to use our UCAT Quiz Builder.

Step 1: Create customised quizzes in each subtest

Build quizzes with randomly selected questions or pick the question types within a subtest you would like to cover. These quizzes are designed to be completed in 10 minutes, but are untimed for your practice.

Step 2: Complete the quiz

Sit the quiz using our computer-based platform that simulates the real UCAT exam.

Step 3: Review your quiz results

See which questions you got wrong and view detailed answer explanations for each question. 

You can also see the types of questions you performed poorly in. Pick this question type in the next quiz to target your weaknesses.

Lastly, keep an eye on your timing. We'll tell you when you've gone over or under time.

Happy practicing!

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