Want to study efficiently for UCAT? Here's your UCAT study plan for June.

4 weeks to go

With one month to go until July, you should already have a thorough understanding of the UCAT exam structure and question types. You should be in the process of refining your fundamental skills such as speed reading or mental arithmetic. Try to form a daily habit of practicing these skills. Get to school 10 minutes early? Complete a speed reading exercise or mental arithmetic drill. 

Checklist for first week of June:

3 weeks to go

With three weeks to go until the UCAT begins, it's time to get up close and personal with your UCAT exam strategies. Make sure you're using keyboard shortcuts in the Exam Simulator and get familiar with the UCAT calculator so you can save those precious seconds! If you're practicing UCAT questions on paper, use your smart phone calculator to simulate the exam calculator. Encounter a difficult question in an exam? Remember to guess it, flag it and return to it at the end of the subtest if you have time.

By completing some quizzes and at least one exam, you should have a rough idea of your weakest subtest or the question types that you often get wrong. Target your weaknesses this week by completing quizzes in your weakest subtests.

Checklist for second week of June:

  • Refined your UCAT keyboard shortcuts and exam technique

  • Completed all the quizzes from your weakest subtests on the UCAT Quiz Builder

  • Attempted Practice Exam 2 on the UCAT Exam Simulator

  • Attempted Practice Test B provided by the UCAT Consortium

2 weeks to go

It's getting close! Try to complete all your quizzes and exams this week so that you have the last week of June to review your common mistakes. 

Use this week to focus on your timing and mental stamina. The biggest challenge in the UCAT exam is the clock! Complete your practice under time pressure this week to simulate the conditions of the real exam. You will need to build mental endurance and stamina, so try to sit down and concentrate for a longer period of time. Since the UCAT exam is two hours long, you may want to build this up slowly so that eventually you're sitting down to focus for two hours or more.

Checklist for third week of June:

  • Completed all the quizzes on the UCAT Quiz Builder

  • Attempted Practice Exam 3 on the UCAT Exam Simulator

  • Attempted Practice Test C provided by the UCAT Consortium

1 week to go

With one week left to go until the UCAT begins, you should have completed all the quizzes and exams available to you. This week you should focus on reviewing the questions you got wrong to make sure you don't make the same mistake twice. Read the answer explanations and make a list of things that you need to focus on.

Last but not least, believe in yourself! You've done the preparation so you're ready for the big day. Try to sleep early this week so you are well rested and get into a good sleep routine. If you get anxious or nervous, try to take a few deep breaths to calm yourself down. Good luck, you can do it!

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