Your Mock HSC Exam results don't only give you your mark, and percentile within your cohort.

When you access your Mock HSC Exam results, you will be greeted with a high-level overview of your exam.

Your exam results consist of two main sections:

  1. My Performance - A high level analysis of your performance including your strengths and weaknesses.

  2. My Detailed Breakdown - A detailed breakdown of your performance and actionable insights for each question.

'My Performance'

The result page's 'My Performance' panel displays your mark, your percentage and the course percentage for the overall exam. It also includes a breakdown of your performance for each area of the exam.

Radial Chart

The data described above is summarised into a radial chart on the left-hand side of the 'My Performance' panel.

In the radial chart, blue represents your percentage, while black represents the cohort percentage.

My strength

Next to the 'My Performance' panel is a panel that shows you your strengths and weaknesses, based on the exam you just completed.

'My Detailed Breakdown'

The 'My Detailed Breakdown' panel provides you with a deeper analysis of your exam attempt, split into the exam's two sections.

See Explanation

In addition to providing you with statistics on the time you took to complete each question when compared to the cohort, clicking "See Explanation" will allow you to access detailed solutions for each question.

The detailed solutions are written by HSC subject matter experts, and will allow you to develop the framework needed to construct a band 6 response in your HSC Exam. An example of a detailed solution is shown below.


You are also able to filter the detailed breakdown of your exam attempt by module (In a course level exam) or chapter (in a module level exam).

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