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Common questions about the Mock HSC Exams
Common questions about the Mock HSC Exams
FAQs and Answers
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1. Do I download the Mock HSC Exam?

No. It's an online exam consisting of Section I: 20 Multiple Choice and Section II: 14-16 Extended Response Questions.

2. Where do I sit the online exam?

Your online exam is taken on your computer and powered by Learnable's Exam Simulator that simulates real exam conditions.

3. How long is the Mock HSC Exam?

Just like the real exam, your Mock HSC Exams are 3 hours in duration.

4. How do you answer long-response questions in the exam?

In long-response questions, you'll be required to compose your answer by selecting from a number of correct and incorrect options (aka 'distractors'). It's an effective way of identifying your misunderstanding and misconceptions.

5. How can I prepare for the 2020 Mock HSC Exam?

Attempt a Module Exams to practise answering HSC exam style questions.

6. What should I bring for my exam?

For your exam, we recommend:

  1. Printing out a NESA formula and data sheet. This will prevent you from switching between tabs during your exam. Alternatively, you can utilise Learnable's online data and formula sheet.

  2. Using a NESA-approved calculator.

  3. Preparing blank pieces of paper for your calculations (along with a pen or pencil).

7. Will I be able to sit the exam outside the designated time?

No. The exam is only available between 31 October - 1 November 2020 (AEDT).

8. Can I pause or restart the exam?

No, once you start the exam, you cannot pause it or restart it. Just like the real HSC exam!

9. Can I take the exam on a mobile device?

No. We recommend that you take the exam on a desktop computer or on a laptop.

10. What happens if I accidentally close my tab, browser or lose internet connection during the exam?

You will be able to resume the exam and all your answers will be saved. However, the timer will not stop during this time.

11. I've completed the exam. Why can't I access my results?

Your results will only be available to you on Monday the 2nd of November at 9am (AEDT). Find out more about accessing your results.

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