What is Learnable?
How Learnable works, what it can do for students and teacher and what makes it different to other solutions.
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Learnable is an all-in-one Interactive Resources Platform. It equips students & teachers with high-quality, syllabus-specific resources and intelligent reporting to save time and improve student outcomes.

Who uses Learnable?

  • Students who want to undertake self-directed learning in and outside the classroom

  • Teachers who want to save time, deepen their understanding of students, and extend their reach outside the classroom.

How is Learnable used at schools?

Currently, more than 420 teachers from over 200 schools are using Learnable to support:

  1. Flipped classroom learning

  2. Independent learning in and outside the classroom

  3. Classroom teaching program

What can I do with Learnable?

As a teacher, you can use Learnable to:

  • Teach your classes: Deliver an engaging classroom learning experience every time with Interactive Theory Content written by subject matter experts.

  • Set tasks and track completion with ease: Assign tasks easily from anywhere. View in real-time how students are progressing with task completion. Follow up with students who are falling behind.

  • Assess your students' exam readiness: Prepare your students for the real exam with easy access to Mock Exams.

  • Gain actionable insights: Use intelligent reporting to identify and address student learning needs on a class or individual level.

As a student, you can use Learnable to:

  • Discover your strength and weaknesses with Intelligent Reporting

  • Learn on the go: Maximise your time by accessing your resources on your phone during your school commute.

  • Sharpen your exam skills with a library of mock exams: Get detailed instant feedback on your exam performance with automated marking.

What sets Learnable apart?

Unlike other educational resources, Learnable brings everything teachers need to engage, understand, and support students in one simple, integrated platform that's easy to use.

Is Learnable right for your class or school?

If you have questions you would like answered, simply reach out to us for a chat.

You can set up a 60-day free trial to help you decide if Learnable is right for your class or school.

How does it work?

  1. Teachers create a class (e.g. 11Chem01) for a course (Year 11 Chemistry) and invite their students to activate their accounts for free access.

  2. Teachers and students have 60 days after the class has been set up to evaluate Learnable.

  3. When the free trial period ends, schools will be requested to migrate their plan from Free Trial Plan to School Pro Plan.

What if you can't afford the School Pro Plan?

Learnable is free for:

  1. School in need

  2. Schools with small cohort sizes

To find out if your school qualifies for free access, email us at [email protected].

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