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Introducing Teacher Mission Control
Introducing Teacher Mission Control

Mission Control is an operation centre for managing courses, classes and members, and students' learning activities.

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Mission Control is the operation centre that equips teachers with the tools for managing their classes and students, and students' learning activities.

On Mission Control, teachers can:

  1. View courses in "School"

  2. Create classes and add members in "Classes and Members"

  3. Create and track students' learning activities automatically in "AutoTask"

1. School: View Courses

School in Mission Control gives you a summary of the courses and classes belonging to your school

You can quickly see how engaged your students are on Learnable at the school or class level using the key metrics provided.

2. Classes & Members: Create a new class and add members

On "Classes & Members", you can manage classes and members by:

  • Creating new classes

  • Inviting students or/and teachers to join a class

  • Removing students or/and teachers from a class

  • Resending email invitations to join a class

  • Revoking email invitations

3. AutoTask: Create a trackable learning task

On "AutoTask" page, you can create and assign two types of learning tasks to students:

  1. Theory Task

  2. Worksheet Task

AutoTask tracks in real-time how students are progressing with task completion.

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