Mission Control is the operation centre that equips teachers with the tools for managing their classes and students' learning.

On Mission Control, there are several features that help you focus on what matters most.

  1. Manage your classes in "Overview"

  2. Add or remove students to your class in "Students"

  3. View class and students study rhythm in "Activity"

  4. Monitor and track students learning progress in "Progress"

  5. Assess exam readiness in "Performance" (coming soon)

1. Overview: Manage your classes

Overview in Mission Control gives you a summary of the courses and classes that you have created.

2. Students: Add students to your class

On the Students page, you can manage the students in your class by:

  • Inviting students to join your class.

  • Viewing the list of students currently in your class.

3. Activity: Understand your students' study patterns

The Activity Dashboard automatically tracks your class and students' real-time activity on Learnable so that you can learn who does what and when.

4. Progress: Track students' learning activity and progress

The Progress Dashboard is useful for teachers who want to track their students' learning progress and identify knowledge gaps so you can provide targeted individual support in a timely manner.

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