What is the 8 Week UCAT Challenge?

Our unique 8 Week UCAT Challenge is designed to help you prepare for your UCAT exam and ace it.

It sets out a series of achievable goals for each of the 8 weeks. This helps you steadily prepare in the lead up to the exam so you don't leave it last minute!

What is included in the Challenge?

  • Guided weekly tasks to keep you on track

  • Full access to UCAT Masterclass Premium (easy-to-follow theory, 7 exams, and 2,700+ practice questions)

  • A designated UCAT Mentor to answer your questions

  • A UCAT e-calendar planner

  • A chance to win UCAT Masterclass Premium when you have completed all the weekly goals (we'll refund you the purchase price). Terms and conditions apply.

How do I join?

Simply sign up for a free account by 1 April 2021 and you'll have access to the first 2 weeks of the Challenge. If you wish to continue with the Challenge, just purchase UCAT Masterclass Premium for $99/£50 (RRP $195/£99) by 12 April 2020.

I want a sneak peek!

Here's a little teaser of what the Challenge will look like:

Why should I join?

Too often, students either last-minute cram their UCAT study, lose motivation or neglect the subtests they don't like. The goal of this challenge is to keep you motivated right up to your UCAT exams and provide you with the right resources and tools to achieve your best UCAT mark.

Here's how you can expect to improve:

1. Refine your skills

Our UCAT experts have curated the best strategies to ace all the UCAT subtests. We teach you techniques to tackle all 65+ question types and provide 2,700+ practice questions to use these techniques.

2. Stay motivated

With structured weekly tasks, you will have an exact to-do list for each week. All our content and quizzes have easy-to-follow instructions and clear explanations.

Think about it this way: you only need to spend a few hours on the challenge a couple of days a week. When you learn consistently, you boost retention and entrench your new skills.

3. Consistently improve

You can easily track your progress with our intelligent reports.

For the quizzes, you'll see:

  • Your overall score

  • Your time

  • Your results for each question type

  • Your performance for each question

  • The answer and explanation for each question

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