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Learnable's School Ambassador Program
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What is Learnable's School Ambassador Program?

Learnable's School Ambassador Program is a school partnership program that aims to share customer success stories and promote best practices.

Who can become Learnable Ambassadors?

Schools that have championed the use of Learnable to implement innovative teaching and learning practices in and outside the classroom. We are looking for evidence of the positive impact of Learnable on student learning outcomes.

The Learnable School Ambassador Program is invitation-only basis.

What's expected from Learnable Ambassadors?

A school on the ambassador program is required to:

  • Complete a user experience survey (both students and teachers) at the end of each school term.

  • Share the experience of teachers and students in the form of a case study and/or testimonials on Learnable's website to promote best practices.

  • Participate in user testing of new feature releases.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of participating in the School Ambassador program are:

  • Discount on School Pro subscription

  • Exclusive access to Teacher-only content

  • Early access to enterprise features at no additional cost

  • Academic and technical support to teachers and students

How to apply

To apply for Learnable's School Ambassador program, just email [email protected].

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