When your class has completed a Theory or Worksheet Task, you can analyse the learning needs of your class and individual students with task analytics.

Once you have a clear understanding of your students' learning gaps, you can deliver a tailored learning experience by assigning a personalised Worksheet Task to target students' areas of improvement.

Learnable's Worksheet Tasks help you address individual students' learning needs by:

  • Quickly and easily generating personalised worksheets to cater for individual student's learning needs

  • Automating the marking of worksheets with instant feedback

  • Tracking and reporting individual student's progress and performance in real time

When to assign a personalised Worksheet Task

You can assign a personalised Worksheet Task to any students who have:

  • shown basic or limited knowledge and understanding of key concepts

  • performed poorly in a previous learning task

  • performed well and shown interest in further advancing their learning with challenging questions


Consider the analytics of a Worksheet Task on Module 5 Chapter 3 completed by a Year 12 Physics class.

From the task analytics report, you can see that:

  • Michael Faraday struggled with most of the questions, and he would benefit from a personalised Worksheet Task targeting the concepts relating to questions 1, 3, 4, 5 and 7.

  • Albert Einstein performed well and he would benefit from a personalised Worksheet Task that further advances his learning,

Tips for personalising Worksheet Tasks

When assigning a Worksheet, you should consider:

  1. Targeting your students' learning gaps one chapter at a time.

    1. For example, if your student is experiencing difficulty in Projectile Motion and Circular Motion, you should assign a separate Worksheet Task for Projectile Motion and Circular Motion.

    2. This will allow you to more accurately assess the effectiveness of the personalised Worksheet Task for each topic.

  2. Tailoring to your student's learning abilities by customising the following settings.

    1. Content (Entire module vs individual chapter)

    2. Worksheet duration (15 minutes vs 30 minutes)

    3. Question difficulty (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Challenging)

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