Create and assign a task to students in class(es) (NEW)

How to create and assign a task to students in class(es).

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There are three types of tasks you can create on AutoTask:

  1. Theory Task for student-directed learning of key concepts.

  2. Worksheet Task for consolidating your students’ understanding of key concepts.

  3. Exam Task for assessing your students’ depth of knowledge and understanding in a module or a course.

To create a task, go to Mission Control > AutoTask and click 'Create a new Task'.

This will open the Task Form where you can enter a name for your task.

Step 1: Select your task type

Click on one of the three task types and select the task type you want to create.

Step 2: Design your task

Once you have chosen a task type, you click 'Content' to design and configure the content of your task.

1. Theory Task

Select the theory content using 'Course', 'Module' and 'Chapter' filters.

You can customise the theory selection further by selecting individual lessons.

Tip: Tick the top square box to select all the lessons in a chapter.

2. Worksheet Task

Select the Worksheet content using 'Course', 'Module', 'Chapter' and 'Lesson' filters.

AutoTask creates a Worksheet Task using the following default settings:

  • Duration: 15 minutes

  • Question difficulty: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Challenging

To customise a Worksheet Task such as changing the duration, click on 'see all Settings +' to reveal the detailed settings.

  • Duration: 15 minutes or 30 minutes

  • Question Difficulty: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Challenging

Tip: You can select multiple chapters in the module using the filter.

3. Exam Task

Select an Exam by using 'Course' and 'Module' filters.

Step 3: Assign your task

Click 'Classes and Students' to select a class or multiple classes to assign your task.

Tip: All students in your class are assigned to the task by default. To select individual students, click to expand the student list of the class and select individual students.

Step 4: Schedule your task

Click 'Scheduling' to set the Publish Date, Due Date, and corresponding times.

  • Publish date is the date the task will be released to students. Students will not be able to see the task prior to the publish date.

  • Due date is the end date of the task.

Tip: Publish Time and Due Time are set to 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM, respectively, by default.

Click 'Save Task' to save your task.

Tip: Tasks that you have created can be seen on the AutoTask homepage.

Important: The tasks will only become visible to the students after the Publish Date. Once the task is published, your students will automatically receive a task notification on their Mission Control page, alerting them to 'Accept Task'.

A screenshot of student mission control is shown with:

  • Task notification badge with the number of assigned tasks

  • Accept Task button for each task

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