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Learnable for Students

Find out how you can gain access to access to Learnable as a student.

Written by Alfred Cho
Updated over a week ago

Learnable is a classroom-ready interactive learning platform. We equip students and teachers with high-quality resources and teaching tools for HSC science.

Questions answered in this article

  • Can students sign up for Learnable?

  • How can students get access to Learnable?

  • Is there a free trial for students?

Can students purchase Learnable?

Currently, only schools or teachers are able to purchase Learnable. Many of Learnable's learning and teaching tools require teacher guidance to be effectively administered.

How can students get access to Learnable?

If you want to access Learnable as a student you'll need to ask your teacher to register your school. All new schools on Learnable get up to 90-days free. Once your teacher registers your school, they'll be able to invite you to join your Learnable school.

Fill out the student request form and we'll get in contact with your teacher on your behalf to launch a free trial at your school.

Are you a teacher? Get started right away by submitting a free trial request.

Is there a separate free trial for students?

Students are welcome to create a limited student trial account on Learnable. While you won't be able to get all the same benefits as a school trial, you'll be able to take a look at the platform and some of the available resources.

Register now as a student and take a look around the Learnable platform.

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