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What is the Mock HSC Exam?
What is the Mock HSC Exam?

What Mock HSC Exam is, who it is for, and how it can help HSC students assess their exam readiness before the real HSC Exams.

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Learnable's Mock HSC Exams are free online HSC Exams designed to provide all NSW Year 12 students with:

  • The final HSC Exam experience prior to the real HSC Exams

  • Instant feedback with detailed explanations

  • Intelligent reporting that identifies their strengths, weaknesses and detailed actionable insights

  • A Mock HSC Exam mark and percentile to assess your exam readiness

Which subjects are available for the Mock HSC Exam?

In 2020, you can sit the Mock HSC Exams for

  1. HSC Physics

  2. HSC Chemistry

How long is the Mock HSC Exam?

Just like the real HSC Exam, our timed Mock HSC Exams for Chemistry and Physics are 3 hours in duration.

Who can sit the 2020 Mock HSC Chemistry and Physics Exams?

All Year 11/12 students who are sitting the HSC Chemistry and Physics Exams in 2020 can sit the Mock HSC Exams.

When is the Mock HSC Exam?

Mock HSC Exams for Chemistry and Physics will take place between the 31 October and the 1 November 2020 (AEDT). There will be a countdown to the start date on your exam dashboard.

When are the Mock HSC Exam results released?

On the 3rd of November (AEDT), you will receive your Mock HSC Exam mark, as well as a percentile within your cohort. This will allow you to identify your weaknesses, and receive actionable insights with intelligent reporting.

For common questions about the Mock HSC Exams, read this article.

What next?

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