Gather evidence of your students' learning with Theory Tasks

Use Theory Tasks to gather evidence about your students' knowledge, understanding and skills to inform your teaching.

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Assessment for learning (formative assessment) involves teachers using evidence of students' knowledge, understanding and skills to inform their teaching. The most time-consuming part of the assessment for learning is gathering reliable and accurate data about your students' learning and understanding.

Learnable's Theory Tasks save you time by automating:

  • Marking of Concept Checks with instant feedback to provide immediate adjustments to their understanding

  • Tracking and recording of students' progress to gather evidence of learning and understanding. A sample performance report on a Theory Task is shown below.


When to use Theory Tasks

You can use Theory Tasks to:

Example 1: Revision of key concepts in Module 5 content

A teacher sets a Year 12 Chemistry revision task to address specific learning gaps discovered (e.g. Precipitation and Ksp).

The teacher can set bite-sized Theory Tasks that are structured and paced to help students revise one key concept at a time.

Example 2: Independent learning of Module 8 content

A teacher sets a Year 12 Chemistry research assessment task that requires students to undertake independent learning of Module 8 content through a series of weekly Theory Tasks.

  • Each Theory Task involves completing a Chapter of Module 8 theory content.

  • Tasks are set up in advance to be published one at a time every week to encourage regular independent learning.

Important: Students can only see assigned tasks from the publish date.


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